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Fun Facts:

A few of my favorite things to do on my off hours are hiking, live music, new restaurants, spending time with my kids and dogs. I used to do triathlons and I am toying with the idea of doing another one soon….

Heather Candelaria
CEO | Founder | CDC | RCSD | Real Estate Advisor
Certified Divorce Coach, Real Estate Collaboration Specialist Divorce, Real Estate Advisor, Single Mom

The concept for a “Divorce Agency” is the brainchild of former Agency Executive Producer Heather Candelaria. Heather’s divorce coincided with the global recession and collapse of the housing market in 2009. Like so many others, her family was highly leveraged in Real Estate and development projects, and like so many others, they too, were financially wiped out. Unable to afford an attorney, she had to navigate a highly contentious and complex divorce with little knowledge and no guidance.

In the decade following her divorce, Heather has survived and recovered from bankruptcy, multiple foreclosures, tax issues, custody and parenting issues, legal issues and more. She obtained her Real Estate License while working full time in production and went on to achieve a Designation as Real Estate Collaboration Specialist in Divorce, become a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Divorce Coach and was recently accepted into the Masters of Legal Studies Program at ASU Law School with a focus on Conflict Resolution. She was able to negotiate the purchase of the home she rented for her family after her divorce and also owns a short term rental property.

Magaly Masci
Partner | CDFA | Advisory Board Member

Partner and Advisory Board Member, Magaly Masci of DIVVY Divorce, is a recognized Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, entrepreneur, and philanthropist at heart, devoted to transforming the way we view and live through a divorce. 

The divorce process is not well understood by most people. Magaly has lived the devastating effects of divorce from both an emotional and financial standpoint first-hand. With more than two decades of experience in the financial sector and serving on a number of community boards, Magaly is a strategic thinker dedicated to help create an innovative and thorough platform for anyone contemplating divorce. European born, she has lived in the Valley for the past 15 years and when not working she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, writing and creating timeless jewelry pieces.


Fun Facts:

Theresa was in an improv troupe at Second City in Chicago. Theresa and Heather were both actresses in an Indie film that made it to The Cannes Film Festival in 2017. She is happiest in a headstand or on a microphone podcasting “Your Divorce Coaches”, with Heather. She knows she’s too focused on her kids and she’s working on it. Her favorite book is The Four Agreements…which she has read over 40 times. 

Theresa Kleinlein
Partner | Business Development
Director of content | certified professional coach | real estate advisor | certified in holistic nutrition and wellness consultant

Upon graduating from the University of Texas, Theresa worked for Michael Dell at Dell Computer Corporation and then moved to the “windy city” with United Business Media as an Investor Relations Consultant and “insider” for some of the largest public companies in Chicago and a biotech incubator. A marriage proposal  brought her to Arizona where she fortunately had two daughters before her divorce in 2010. With 85% physical custody of her children and a full time career as a political liaison and lobbyist for the banking industry, Theresa barely had time for her daily yoga or dating. Although her divorce had its unique complications, she vowed to never speak ill of her ex and did whatever necessary to preserve her childrens’ emotional well being. Her passion has always been helping people understand the ramifications of divorce on kids, and how children can thrive exponentially when raised in an environment without blame or unnecessary “adult details” of divorce or day-to-day life drama . This passion led her to become a Certified Life Coach (CLC) specializing in crisis and disaster, and later focusing on teens. Her role as a coach is enhanced by a Certification in Yoga Instruction and Certification in Holistic Nutrition. Her view of wellness is built on a comprehensive foundation, including: physical, emotional, and financial stability–with a personal emphasis on philanthropy and spirituality. Theresa formed Divvy with Heather in 2019 and, also, earned her real estate license. She works with Heather to provide an unmatched experience in real estate related transitions, such as divorce or empty nesting. Theresa has helped countless people realize their self-limiting habits as a parent or professional, and her unconventional yet well-rounded approach allows her to treat the “whole” person with humor and encouragement. 

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