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Often times when considering or in the process of divorce, it’s challenging to even know how to start the process.We are here to help conduct your Divorce Due Diligence.

Div/vy The Divorce Agency was created to identify and provide solutions for the holes that exist in the divorce process.

Whether a divorce was your choice or a total surprise, it is often difficult to deal with the emotions it brings while formulating a plan to bring about the most ideal outcome.   Divvy has spent a decade identifying the legal, financial, emotional, and parenting gaps in the system. That is why our agency should be your first call in helping you draft a strategic, holistic plan. Divorce is never fun, but it doesn’t have to be drawn-out, costly, or complicated if you have the opportunity to work with professionals to guide you through the process.

There are so many factors to consider, from figuring out what will happen to your real estate and financial assets, the children, how to set aside money to cover financial expenses, and planning for an unknown future.

We have lived it, learned from it, and helped countless people avoid the typical pitfalls of divorce. Armed with empathy, knowledge, and the right team, we can assist you to be ready to make smart, informed decisions. Decisions that identify what is most important to you and create an approach that minimizes stress and trauma while working towards a positive outcome.

Change is hard. Growth is hard. We know this will not be fun, and it will not be easy. But every journey comes to an end. There is a new life on the other side and we are dedicated to getting you there stronger than ever.

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