DIV/VY is a boutique divorce agency focused on Consultation, Coaching and Community. 

We are not only divorce survivors, we are Divorce Professionals.  

We have taken our own personal experiences and built upon it with professional training and certification to help guide our clients through the divorce process.  We aim to provide the knowledge and tools that empower our clients to make educated decisions about their future and the futures of their families.  

Our mission is to provide a strategic and holistic plan for each of our clients focused on individual needs, goals and outcome.   We exist to help our clients focus on the business of divorce as opposed to the emotional entanglement of divorce. 

We work with clients considering, in the process of and post divorce. From financials to facials, we have assembled a roster of vetted partners that can help with any situation that might arise during this life transition.

You are not alone in this.  We are here to help.


• Pre-Divorce
• Divorce
• Post Divorce


Goal-oriented process designed to guide people going through a divorce.


Empowering knowledge and new lifelong relationships.
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Who you surround yourself with during this process matters now more than ever.  Meet our team of Divorce Professionals and preferred partners.

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