When I decided to start this journey in the Divorce industry and began my certification training, the biggest question posed to all of us was “What is your why?”  Divorce is not necessarily a fun industry to be working in day and night.  I’m not going to lie, there are many times when I really ponder selling shoes and Neiman Marcus or working in a flower shop.  So when I was posed with this question, I really had to take some time and unpack why this is the path I decided to stroll down.  

There were times when it almost made me laugh.  My why? I wanted to just type “Do you know what I’ve been through?”  My why is because it took me a decade to financially and emotionally recover from the mistakes I made blindly handling my divorce process by myself.  My why is thinking back on the sleepless nights I laid awake in bed not knowing how I was going to make it all work on my own.  My why is the nauseous feeling I still get in the pit of my stomach whenever I get a text from my ex husband.  My why is the constant nagging question of “did it have to be this hard?”

My divorce, dear readers is a complex tale of financial and emotional mistakes.  There are stories from this chapter of my life that would blow your hair back with audacity and stories that would make you cry with laughter.  It has been an unbelievable journey of education, self discovery, exhaustive hard work, buckets of tears, fits of rage, new experiences, love, heartbreak and finally discovery of purpose.   

My why is that everything I have been through, everything I have learned the hard way, every regret on how I handled things and every wish I had that things could have been different could not have been for nothing.  My real life training in this industry has shown me what NOT to do.  My why is to help guide you though this process.  To tell you that no matter what happens, things will be OK.  To let you know that you are stronger and more resilient than you could have believed.  That your heart and the ability to heal and recover are boundless in their energies.  That there is life on the other side-  and while right now the idea of that could be scaring the shit out of you OR be the light at the end of the tunnel it is here for the making.  I am your champion, your sounding board and your guide through this.  

You, dear reader are my why.